VEFA have been established over 27 years, and currently export to over 100 countries worldwide. Their Divolasi production facility is world class, running state of the art machinery and robotics in manufacture. The machinery is all American/Australian made and the facility is up there with the very best in modular productions across the globe.
Vekon is one of the most experienced brands in the prefabricated building sector. Vekon undertake the design and production of living containers, prefabricated, light steel and structural steel structures. With these building systems, they offer a wide range of prefabricated building solutions ranging from labour camps/accommodation to social and public housing, student living, commercial buildings to warehouses and hangars, modular living units to industrial premises, multi-storey buildings to specially designed buildings.

Vekon’s 3 production faccilites in Sultanbeyli, Sakarya and Dilovası are of a scale that will compete with the world, far above the Turkish standards with its technological infrastructure. Combining technology and production power with aesthetics and design, Vekon continues to pioneer innovative modular construction techniques.


Continually investing in human resources, Vekon works with the most experienced architects, engineers and technical teams in the pre-production phase. Through its human resources training, it ensures that its employees are constantly developing and integrated with the world. The power that transforms Vekon into a worldwide brand in a short time is the power of technology and human resources it possesses.

Our specialist division is a solution provider for a wide range of bespoke applications including the construction, renewable and medical markets