Modafex has a variety of modular containers to suit every need in the market.
Our containers come as either ‘’flat pack’’ or ‘’fold out variety’’ as well as prebuilt volumetric.
The flat pack and fold out units boost the following advantages:

  • Reduced transport costs, as multiple units can be delivered on one vehicle
  • Reduced storage costs, as up to 5 units could potentially sit in the place of one volumetric unit
  • Ability to customise internal layouts as internal walls are built on site
  • Ability to build off site and deliver as a complete unit where or if required

Modafex Modular Containers all boast the following key advantages..

  • Available in a range of sizes
  • Fully customisable
  • Can be linked together to create open plan spaces
  • Can be stacked up to 4 high
  • Choice of external finish

Our modular containers are used for a variety of applications and purposes including:

  • Site accommodation/welfare facilities
  • Classrooms
  • Retail outlets
  • Marketing suites
  • Meeting rooms

Our modular containers can also be used for a variety of living accommodation and can come with a specification to pass all UK Building regulations and come with an LABC warranty where required. The potential possibilities for living accommodation include but are not limited to:

  • Student accommodation
  • Homeless living
  • Emergency shelter and accommodation
  • Worker camps

Please see a sample of our modular containers showcased below:



Vertical folding Modular Building allowing multiple units to be transported at once. Rapid install time of less than 15 minutes with two people.



Flat-Pack Folding Modular Building allowing multiple units to be transported at once, saving costs on shipping and storage.



Monoblock containers are prepared in the factory with all electrical, mechanical, vitrified and floor covering completed.



It is designed for areas in which models in sizes larger than standard container sizes are needed.