Emergency accommodation is always required at short notice, and often on mass. As such we believe stock should be both cost effective and have the ability to be easily and quantitatively stored and transported. Our emergency modular accommodation offers many benefits including:

  • Cost effective living containers, costs per sq/m far superior to others on the market
  • A wide range of different types to suit all budgets and requirements
  • Ability to deliver up to 5 times more on one load compared to a standard single container per load decreasing transportation costs significantly
  • Ability to store up to 5 times more in one area compared to standard single container, delivering cost effective storage solutions on mass
  • We have the ability to offer delivery, installation and fit out to any required specification
  • All units be purchased as a base unit, or can be tailored to meet any specification and UK building regulations where required
  • All units produced adhere to ISO 9001 quality management certification

Emergency accommodation effects many different people from many different walks on life. We can help with requirements for any of the following including but not limited to:

  • • Natural disaster – flooding, fire etc • 1 off disaster
  • Housing shortage
  • Homelessness
  • Social housing
  • Refugee requirements
  • Short term and long-term accommodation


For more information, or to discuss your requirements and pricing please complete the contact form below and one of our helpful team will be in touch with you shortly.